Work in progress

This and all our projects are mostly made with local materials and labor.

The partitions of the walls are made of white clay in the city of Puebla, just two hours away from Mexico City, the plants and stones of the courtyards come from the Xochimilco plant market located at the south of the city. The carpentries will be made with FSC wood from Mexican forests. All this to produce a minimum environmental impact and to participate within a conscious value chain; a series of links that begin with a community and, therefore, support the local and national economy.

In terms of design, the house lives and rotates through its interior patios, which were strategically designed to generate different experiences throughout the project, sometimes intimately and in other publicly according to the need and the program. We always try to experiment with the interior-exterior relationship, so that each space maintains a direct and specific link with its immediate environment and with the vegetation, thus achieving naturally regulate the temperature in the interiors and patios, allowing ventilation at the same time as natural light floods the spaces

Note: No professional photos taken yet.

Ciudad de México