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Arquitectura Sergio Portillo

ASP is an architecture studio located in Mexico City that was founded in 2014 by Sergio Portillo, whose background includes directing and coordinating a firm and a contracting company for 10 years. His work has been published in Mexico and abroad.

We focus on generating value through the contemporary practice of architecture and urbanism. Our approaches are sensitive to the context and the environment, and combine high-tech materials with regional products.

We are truly committed to architecture and how people experience it. This is why we develop proposals that are relevant to the site and its environment that take the specific circumstances of each case into consideration. We work alongside our clients and multidisciplinary specialists to find a solution that dignifies the project and represents true value for our client.

Each of our projects is a blank slate that requires a specific approach. We believe that true substance is found in the intangible, but beyond shapes or aesthetics, we value the integrity of the concept and lavish meticulous care on the quality of the details both at the project level and in the work itself.



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