This project involved extending a residential home that had three issues. First, it lacked space for family gatherings. Second, the house could only be accessed through the garage, which was very dark. Finally, the family wanted to preserve a patio.

The solution was to build a monolithic element on the home’s façade into which two openings were cut. The lower opening became the main entrance, while the upper level opens to the terrace. Both openings were then carefully framed with treated wooden slats, giving the façade a fresh look.

Inside, the new entrance opens into a bright foyer illuminated by a skylight, and features a reflecting pool with space for both water and plants. The upper level features a family room that opens onto the terrace, and has spaces for gathering and a small work area. The earth tones used in the family room furnishings harmonize with the wood, blending the interior with the exterior.

Bosques de las Lomas, CDMX