Consists of an interior remodeling project since it is located within a residential development where the exterior of the houses must keep the same style.

The main element of the project is the inner patio, where the floor was replaced by thin pieces of red mud brick and a bar of stained polished concrete was built in which a grill was attached giving it not only an intention but a different use of the space, the vine of the adjoining wall was also preserved as a visual auction and more vegetation was added. The patio being an important focal point gives a total new look to the house.

The bathrooms were another element that changed completely, the ceramic floors and walls were replaced with marble, also furniture and accessories were replaced with new models and carpentry furniture was made for sinks and dressing rooms. The downstairs guest bathroom was completely covered with wood creating a unique atmosphere. A special requirement on the part of the clients was a family room, in which they could work, do homework and play, this is how the space that is located in the hall of the first floor was designed, which is bathed with natural light that enters through a new dome.

All spaces were renovated, most of the ventilation and natural lighting were improved, walls were smoothed and warm colors were changed to desaturated colors.

San José de los Cedros, CDMX.