Proposal for a pavilion in Mexico City that starts from the decontextualization of a contemporary ruin with a fragment of vegetation from Lake Texcoco. A space for social and political reflection in our country.

The constructions are in constant change where nothing and nobody guarantees the permanence or their passage through history, either due to their relevance or due to their abandonment. The city itself is the concentration of all ages, of all its cataclysms, of all successes and all failures. We don't know if the foundation will be the first and only thing left or will be part of an incongruous landscape.

"In Mexico City, the rock is not only a geological stratum: it is a petrified historian ... The rocks of the city tell the story of volcanic eruptions, a pre-Hispanic empire, viceregal palaces and feats of modern architects. The city is often said to have been founded on a lake, but its most decisive events are seldom claimed to have been geological: eruptions, earthquakes, subsidence.

The city, before street crossings, is a crossroads of time. Past and present dispute the leading role."

Fragment of the book "Architecture of failure" by Georgina Cebey

Ciudad de México