Trito is a project that manages to capture in an object the simple shape of the truncated cone. Trito extracts and alludes to the term "tritóstilo" (column that accentuates or marks thirds of the shaft), used in Mexican Baroque columns and that, as a design resource was used in the creation of this pot. The creation of Trito was accompanied by a careful design process that went from the sketching, the technical drawing of the object, the 3D printing of the model to the manufacturing in apparent concrete in two tones: light gray and dark gray.

Designed to house plants of small size, the selected species manage to integrate to the shape and design of the Trito pot, being those a finishing element for the same object. Due to its size and versatility, Trito can be integrated into any space in which it is placed, as a small design element that accentuates and harmonizes.


ASP Team: Ivan Reyes / Mariana Tostado / Montserrat Muñoz / Erik Urbina.

3D Model Printing: Estudio Vivencia 

Potting: MAS

Photos: Jaime Navarro