Conceived to maintain a close relationship between the elements that make up the headquarters of the Students 47 Foundation and the immediate surroundings of the garden, the pavilion takes up the elements of the Modern Movement avant-garde to be used as constructive elements and simple materials such as steel and wood, allowing its easy construction and placement.

The pavilion turns out to be a continuation of the existing building, creating an encounter between the public and the editorial heritage of the foundation through a versatile and flexible space that is capable of being molded allowing its use in different ways according to the need of the program and the context.

The furniture enters and exits on a platform where everything is mobile, contained in a basic structure that remains stable but that, through openings, allows the entry of light on all its sides, product of composition rather than objects.

This integration of all elements with nature, make the pavilion a livable and passable object; but they are not the details of the building as such: they are the details of the daily life that the building makes possible.

Ciudad de México