The PH Cortés project is located in Polanco, one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Mexico City. On this occasion we took care of the interior architecture, since the structural work of the 300sqm penthouse was already made.

On the ground floor, the dining room and the living room are located, a cava with capacity for 150 bottles, the guest bathroom, the kitchen and the service area, as well as the study and the main bedroom. While, on the top floor, there is a second bedroom. Each of the bedrooms has a terrace, bathroom and dressing room.

Originally all spaces were on the ground floor and only a large terrace on the top floor. To make the most of the space, it was decided to do the study on the ground floor and move the second bedroom to the upper floor - thus earning - larger and more comfortable spaces for the bedroom, as well as a better view and terrace.

The staircase that was designed is the backbone of the project and it could be said that it is the most ambitious design element that gives a unique character to the penthouse. Its floating structure is based on RHSs that are fastened to the slab, covered with MDF and wood veneer; located next to a double height window, the staircase delicately diffuses the entrance of natural light to the dining room and the room.

Great part of the walls were conserved of apparent concrete, others were covered with lacquered carpentry furniture manufactured to the measure and designed by the office; On the other hand, in the transition space from the public area to the private area, the stave -floor material- rises in a laminar form to the wall, creating a material continuity in the surfaces.

In the interior architecture of the project we take care of every detail to create not only a visual phenomenon, but also a sensory experience.


Photos: Rafael Gamo

Polanco, CDMX.