Winner of the Architecture Master Prize 2019 in the Apartments Interior category

Interior architecture project for a two-level apartment that is located on the top floor of a newly constructed building in Mexico City.

The program was adapted to the needs of a family of three members along a type plant previously established by the building design. On the ground floor, there is the dining and the living room, a  wine cellar, the guest bathroom, the kitchen and the service area, also the study and the master bedroom. While, on the top floor, there is a second bedroom. Each of the bedrooms has its own terrace, bathroom and dressing room.

The staircase was designed as a transition element that is transformed throughout its development to control the amount of sunlight that enters from the top and side, while limiting the visuals to the existing service cube of the building .

The mayority of the walls were leaved as apparent concrete, others were covered with lacquered carpentry furniture made to measure and designed by the office; on the other hand, the transitional space between public and private is accentuated by the wood of the floor that rises as a wainscot to the wall, creating a material continuity in the surfaces and warmth in the path.


Photos: Rafael Gamo

















Polanco, CDMX.