The project consists of a master plan within a lotified land for the planting of vineyards plus a set with public and private activities of rest and relaxation. The program is divided by two important factors in the field: a hillside that divides the land in north and south; and a high voltage line that divides in east and west, thus having a terrain divided into four quadrants. All the buildings of the complex take advantage of the landscape and are even integrated into the areas with the highest altitude, the intention of the whole project is to have an aesthetic that does not compete with the existing elements, but rather integrates and complements the environment.

The proposed construction materials are local: stone, mud, quarry, wood and concrete with aggregates of earth; These materials have a low impact on local construction and are easily accessible. The buildings and houses will have a surface that does not have an impact on the ground, priority will be given to the outdoor space and the appropriate orientations to achieve microclimates with good ventilation and natural lighting.



San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México
2018- Construction begins 2024.